The Solar Voltaic Generation Initiative presents SOLVOLTAS

solvoltasSOLVOLTAS is an unique sales and services enterprise. This Social Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of a joint venture between principals based in the United States and Senegal.

SOLVOLTAS addresses access issues related to peri-urban and rural electrification in Senegal. It builds upon the existing electrification infrastructure while promoting the increased use of Senegal's most available energy source - The Sun.

SOLVOLTAS introduces and promotes reliable Pico-PV units and solar generators as part of Senegal's electrification infrastructure. Through SOLVOLTAS, entrepreneurial innovation combines with a commitment to improving the overall quality of life to produce socially significant outcomes with attractive economic bottom-lines.

The sale and maintenance of solar voltaic generating devices creates the operational core of SOLVOLTAS. Located in Dakar, SOLVOLTAS Operations Center includes a retail outlet that maintains a relatively small inventory. SOLVOLTAS will operate a mobile demonstration vehicle capable of transporting equipment for on-site presentation to interested parties. It is important for potential consumers to see the equipment amidst the particulars of their local environment. SOLVOLTAS is developing a flexible network of service providers as its workforce and local support team. Local technicians are being trained for the distribution, installation, and maintenance of the product line.

SOLVOLTAS focuses on off-grid locales and intends to make basic electrification a reality for villages that would not have access to electricity otherwise.


For Additional Information Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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